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Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 | 16:44 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 | 16:44 | SYDNEY

Aid & development links: Famine in Sudan, universal basic incomes, fighting cholera and more

A UN-protected convoy travelled through South Sudan in January to assess the humanitarian situation (Photo: Flickr/UNMISS)



27 February 2017 11:59

  • Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan, with the UN calling for an additional $4.4 billion in humanitarian support in the next month to avert catastrophe. Donations can be made to UNICEF or your international NGO of choice.
  • The Guardian has a photo-essay on how food aid has worked to date in South Sudan.
  • Meanwhile, it turns out the world spends more on ice cream than on humanitarian assistance. (h/t Devpolicy)
  • The NY Times has a multimedia feature on the emergence of cholera in Bangladesh, and the critical role the country has had in developing a treatment against it.
  • At the Centre for Global Development, Todd Moss discusses the idea of a universal basic income in India, raised as a prospect in their Ministry of Finance’s most recent annual economic survey.
  • The NY Times magazine also visited a Universal Basic Income Village in Kenya being tested by Givedirectly where the entire village has been lifted from poverty.
  • Devpolicy provides a summary of the highlights of the recent 2017 Australasian Aid Conference, which includes a section on our recently released report 'Strengthening the Asian Development Bank in the 21st Century'.

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