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Wednesday 20 Mar 2019 | 02:01 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 20 Mar 2019 | 02:01 | SYDNEY

Aid and development links: Rejected reports, Europe’s refugee crisis, UN leadership and more

Former US President Barack Obama with Melinda and Bill Gates, September 2017 (Photo: Yana Paskova/Getty Images)



25 September 2017 16:49

  • A US Department of Health and Human Services draft report found that the government made $63 billion more in revenue from refugees over the past decade than the refugees cost the government (the report was rejected by Administration officials).
  • Tony Blair writes for The Guardian that aid by itself will not stop Europe's refugee crisis, and that more comprehensive approaches are necessary.
  • Ahead of the ongoing UN General Assembly, the Center for Global Development hosted a roundtable discussion about the UN's intellectual and practical leadership on development. A video is available here, and summary of one of the speeches here.
  • The World Bank has a new series of short interviews with development economists. The first is with Chris Udry, a pioneer of doing detailed fieldwork in development as a graduate student.
  • Duncan Green reviews Naomi Hossain's new book on understanding Bangladesh's unexpected development success (which, Hossain notes in the book, goes well beyond creative aid delivery).
  •  Bill and Melinda Gates' advocacy for US development assistance continues, with Melinda talking to the Financial Times in this video.

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