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About the project

The International Economy program aims to explain developments in the international economy, and influence policy. It does so by undertaking independent analytical research.

The International Economy program contributes to the Lowy Institute’s core publications: policy briefs and policy analyses. For example, the program contributed the Lowy Institute Paper, John Edwards’ Beyond the Boom, which argued that Australia’s transition away from the commodities boom will be quite smooth.


Latest publications

Development and the G20

This issue of the G20 Monitor examines the topic of development and the G20.  In line with the coverage of G20 agenda items in previous issues of the Monitor, the focus is on where the G20 can add value.

G20 needs to pay attention to WTO

In an opinion piece in The Australian Financial Review, Mark Thirlwell writes that the WTO needs to be prepared for the ways in which looming mega-regional deals will change the way global trade is done and that the G20 needs to do more to support the multilateral trading system.

Great Southern Lands: Building ties between Australia and Brazil

This report brings together four essays from Australian and Brazilian authors that collectively aim to shed some light on Brazil and its future importance to Australia and the world.  It presents a series of perspectives on the modern Brazilian economy, its economic history, its ties with Australia, and its place in the world economy.

This publication is the product of a grant from the Council on Australia Latin American Relations (COALAR).

Australian model or Australian bubble?

Mark Thirlwell has an essay in the March-April issue of Pacific Standard that takes a look at Australia’s recent economic success and assesses whether we can keep beating the odds.  Is Australia’s 21-year run of economic growth the product of a successful economic model?  Or are we just another in a long line of economic bubbles waiting to burst?


A bibliography for the piece is available for download.

Relaunching the G20

Australia and the world needs a focused and effective G20. But the forum is in danger of losing its way. This Analysis identifies nine key lessons from the G20’s history that can help relaunch it. This should be Australia’s goal when it chairs the G20 in 2014.